Friday, April 12, 2013

What inspired you to pick your major?

Per my last post, graduation is coming up. I've thought about some decisions I've made in these past 4 years and this one is one that I'd like to ask you guys!

Sophomore year was approaching and the deadline to pick a major was coming up.
I chose media studies, because it seemed safe and easy.

I chose classes that fit a schedule where I'd have to come into school the least; I favored work and internships over class.

One of them was : Greek and Latin Roots of English 9am-11am twice a week
I'm usually a pretty okay student, I take notes and I listen and I keep the phone away.
One day my professor was asking if we knew why "veteran" and "veterinarian" had the same root "VETER"
None of us knew, and he continued to explain:
When we fought with horses, they became the beasts of burden, and now that we have done away with the horses, and fight only with men, they have become our beasts of burden.


That's why I chose Linguistics as my major. The evolution of language is beautiful, the uses of language endless! Pablo Neruda once wrote: Language is the laughter of the soul.

Please write in the comments what inspired you to pick your major?

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  1. I went into school with my major- cinema studies. I loved it so I stuck with it. I had always been a big movie lover and it was such a perfect major!

    The Screen Siren