Monday, April 29, 2013

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby

For those of you who have read The Great Gatsby, you either like one of the heroines or the other. Do you sympathize more with waif-y, melodic, blonde and sensitive Daisy? Or the strong, dark, androgynous Jordan?

Subtly sexy flapper, with a bright orange Lanvin clutch (Jordan Baker)

This pattern reminds me of the movie poster! And a matching clutch. They both play with geometry so well! (Jordan oooor Daisy, what do you think??)

Got a flapper esque top, or prefer to play down? This skirt will make your outfit, Jordan Baker

A light-as-air dress, and with these shoes, you can feel as fabulous as Daisy Buchanan

MARCHESA's take, which DEFINITELY has Daisy written all over it

A clutch to go with those? (Jordan Baker!)

..........Because don't we all have $2000 and an invitation to a Great Gatsby's themed party? :) 


  1. seriously can't wait for the movie and for the influence it's going to have on everyone's wardrobe! xx

  2. Love the marchesa dress ^^