Friday, April 12, 2013

Some funny things about working in New York's Soho...

Not long ago, I was working at a small store in Soho and some unique moments have happened:

An African pastry chef working at Tocqueville came by a few times to bring us delicious handmade chocolates
A younger guy with eccentric frizzy hair came in once a week to buy bath salts
A mouse ran through my feet while customers was there
A guy came in to insult our logo and card design
A guy with a cello came into the store to play a solo for my co worker
A guy came in a few times to tell me I looked like his friend, who was a model, taking a picture of me to send to her. (Um, where do I get that deal?)
A guy came in, tried to tip me for giving him samples, and I freaked out and said I couldn't, and my boss came out saying I neutered him

Tell me, what are some funny things about your profession? I'd love to read them! 

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