Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Try the World is an awesome subscription service that sends you food from around the world. It even includes info only locals or natives would know, which is just precious. I am saving this little booklet for our Paris trip (ahem, hope you're reading honey;)
I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I will be leaving these around the house for J and giving them away as appropriate. 

One country every 2 months, starting with Paris, Toyko, and Rio. Next is Rome apparently! 
I got this box for free through HowAboutWe, a service designed to make dates and dating easier and more fun. I love the site because it offers such a great variety of dates and date ideas, including stuff you can experience at home. Like Try the World! They even send out coupon codes every once in a while for $50 off a date. The Try the World box was $47 and I got it for FREE. How amazing is that??

Our first date through HowAboutWe was a drawing date at the Met. It cost $10 for the both of us (with a coupon) and it was so much fun. We drew completely different things, sitting in the Egyptian area. The instructor was from the Art Studio, his name was Jake and he was so professional and nice and encouraging. The Art Studio offers other classes like BYOB painting but J and I haven't been able to set aside time for it sadly! 

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