Wednesday, May 14, 2014



ok ok, so I am realllllly late. This book was awesome, kept me on my toes. I liked reading it after the characters have been cast, because it let me envision it better. I love that Andie is that girl from the Blurred Lines video. Um, I don't really care for Ben Affleck as Nick. I love that Desi is Neil Patrick Harris, and that Rosamund Pike (HELEN FROM AN EDUCATION!) is Amy. She has that detached crazy eye look about her. Ok that's about all I can say without putting a spoiler label!

I love that Amy says Andie looks like a babysitter, not the porn star kind but the kind that actually plays with the kids (more or less verbatim)
I love that the story shows Nick's feelings towards Andie as one note; Nick didn't love Andie, but found solace in her, how he could show her things because he was much older, and they both loved beer and sex. But in the end, he wasn't even that devastated that she was gone. I think this is important because it shows another side of an affair, where there is sex but no connection. There's emotional cheating and physical, I definitely feel that emotional cheating is worst, but they're BOTH really bad :(
Also, Amy is so goddamn crazy I can't even handle it. 

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