Monday, June 24, 2013

EDC outfits

Friday and Saturday I was at Electric Daisy Carnival, but today my poor legs could not take it.
I saw some crazy outfits, so I thought it might be fun to do a post of those clothes that I'd wear! 

My outfits looked more Coachella than EDC:
It's an old dress from Kate Moss from Topshop that I got on my 18th birthday:

And what is a festival outfit without a flower crown!  I paired this with my Anthropologie Headband:

On my first day:

EDC Las Vegas was amazing! Def a good experience, but I'm more excited to explore Vegas. 

I will be visiting In n Out for the first time, so I'll keep you posted. I have very high expectations, as a lover of both Shake Shack and Five Guys and just about any other burger.


  1. Yeah Kate Moss has great, style and that is a great dress.

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  2. Love the first blouse! It is beautiful :)

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