Thursday, March 28, 2013

skin care routine

i've been off birth control for about a year, and suddenly acne flared up. i thought it was my skincare routine, and so for the past year i've been looking high and low, until i read a cosmo article about acne post birth control. it all made sense. here's what i've been using to subside the facial craters ::

NOW's organic jojoba oil
i know, i know, the idea of putting oil on your face is really gross and perhaps a little counter intuitive, but this is the best toner in the winter, and best makeup remover all year round
no harsh chemicals, more affordable and no scent. i'm sold

Ole Henriksen's The Whole Truth Kit
Worth the splurge. the faint orange scent is super nice, and the serum is allure-acclaimed. i also use the cleanser (that i got for $9 on! the moisturizer is my day and night except when i need sunscreen....

boscia's self defense anti oxidant moisturizer spf 30
i walked into sephora on the day this arrived, and it was love at first sight. how could i not fall in love with the packaging? the moisturizer is perfect for my combination skin, and even with post birth control hormones awry, this is not oily. 

i use organic, raw honey as a mask on my face daily for 20 minutes. i love trader joe's honey in a pinch, but the union square farmer's markets have so many great options too

last but not least, my favorite, if not chicest items vital to my skin staying clear and healthy::

free people straw boater! goes with any outfit, and protects your skin

sunglasses for the most delicate skin, the skin around your eyes. protect your peepers. 

i'd love to hear more about your skincare routine; is there anything green or organic you'd like to spread the word about?

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